The word Purrfect is one of many words that belong to the vast culture of the Internet and that only makes sense there. This term is well known among English-speaking cat lovers and not many people outside that world know its definition. Next we will show you what Purrfect means and what its origins are.

The expression Purrfect comes from the English language as a derivative of the word “perfect”, but imitating the sound of cats when purring.

In this way the meaning of Purrfect is “Perfect in feline language.” It should be noted that this meaning is closely linked to memes about cats .

As such, this expression is often used in different situations related to cats and their owners.

For example:

  • Anna your cat its purrfect – Anna your cat is perfect.
  • This date was purrfect – This quote was Perfect.

This expression is also contemplated within an imaginary context where a cat is able to speak.

For example:

  • Thanks Karen, this food is purrfect –  Thanks Karen, this food is perfect.

The origin of purrfect comes directly from the sound that cats make when purring which in English is called “Purr”.

Thus, the purom onomatopoeia combined with the word perfect to give birth to the expression purrfect, a fun combination between these two words.

As such, the word became a success on the Internet, winning a large number of users, and appearing in hundreds of memes.

In the United States the word purrfect has been very popular, this phrase has been put on t-shirts, cups and other accessories related to cats.

Thus, this word has become a favorite for the cat-loving public both in the United States and outside its borders.

Other meanings that may be of interest: