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Que Oso

Definition of Que Oso

Que Oso in a phrase widely used in Mexico, it works to express a type of negative feeling. Next we will show you what the meaning of Que oso and what its origins are.

The origin of Que oso comes from bears that were presented on public roads and circuses as an act of exhibition.

In this way, the meaning of que oso in Mexico is “shame or shameful”, thus being a negative context phrase.

This phrase is used when a person demonstrates certain embarrassing acts or that cause embarrassment or sorrow.

In Mexico this type of dialect came inherited from colonial Spanish since, in Europe, the practice of exhibiting bears proliferated.

From this practice the expression “Make the Bear” was born, from this phrase of similar meaning (Make a fool of yourself) the term Que oso was derived

Below we will show some examples of the use of this jocular Mexican term.

  • “Que oso hiso pedro at the party yesterday” – Pedro made the ridiculous at the party yesterday.
  • “ Read with you, don’t even talk ” – Shame on you better, don’t say anything.

Now you know what Que oso means in Mexico