The word  Rawr  is used to express a type of roar, generally it refers to the roar of a dinosaur ; when used, it tends to provoke tenderness and is a way of telling someone ” I love you or I love you . ” Many call it the “Dinosaur language”.

It is considered an onomatopoeia, because when pronouncing it, a sound similar to its meaning is produced.

Rawr is  not only a manifestation of love and affection, it is also used to release tension in a generally virtual conversation. It is used as a way of downplaying the other person’s annoyance and trying to get back to the good rhythm that the talk brought.

Uses of the term

  • Are you upset there? I don’t think so, Rawr!
  • Rawr, how pretty you look in that blouse!
  • I really value your company, rawr
  • Rawr! I wish we could meet today

In everyday practice, these types of expressions such as: rawr, uwu, aww, etc; They are mostly used in telephone conversations or through social networks ; because users tend to use them and accompany them with an emoticon, sticker or image that is consistent with what they want to express.

Other meanings that may be of interest: