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Definition of Recho

The term Recho is one that is used quite frequently in the colloquial language of Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, arousing the curiosity of more than one. Below we will show you what is the meaning of Recho and what is its origin.

The origin of Recho comes directly from the term Arrechura, which can refer to both anger and lust of a person.

Thus, the word Recho is an adjective that is used to designate a state of great carnal excitement and a strong disposition to copulation.

As such, this term is strongly linked to the vulgar language used on the streets of the Dominican Republic, being considered a derogatory term.

In the same context, the term Recho can also be used to designate a person who has been without sexual intercourse for a long time.

This second meaning stems from the belief that someone who has gone a long period of time without relationships experiences strong repressed carnal desires.


  • “Pedro is very recho”: Pedro has been without carnal relations for a long time.
  • ” Juan shows that he is recho “: Juan shows that you have strong libidinous desires.