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Definition of Resiliencia

Resiliencia is the ability of human beings to adapt to adversity and achieve positive results . It is facing a situation, overcoming it and coming out of it strengthened, even better than before. 

Therefore,  being resilient  means accepting reality no matter how difficult it may be , without trying to disguise or minimize it, in order to find the best ways or ways to overcome it.

A resilient person is not afraid of possible changes , on the contrary, he is open to them, because he knows that they are necessary to advance and improve in some aspects and specific situations. 

A resilient individual is flexible , he does not mix his emotions with problems, as this will help him achieve greater objectivity when seeking solutions.

Another characteristic aspect of resiliencia is motivation. They are positive people, with high self-esteem, great confidence in themselves and with the ability to be victorious in any situation. 

Origin of the term Resiliencia

Coming from the Latin ” resilio ” which means “to go back, bounce or jump back “. Initially the term was used in physics.

Later, the social sciences such as psychology were coined, and it began to be used to refer to those individuals who were going through difficult situations such as poverty, physical abuse, among others; and yet they kept going. 

Characteristics of a resilient person 

  • They are autonomous, they are usually open to opinions and advice from other people or specialists. Their environment is made up of emotional ties and good bonds with others. 
  • They identify the situation, they are able to realize and assume when there is a problem affecting them and they try to find solutions. 
  • They have the ability to adapt to change, a highly necessary aspect, since you need to be flexible and have an open mind to accept the different situations that will have to be faced. 
  • Emotional intelligence is one of its greatest characteristics, since a resilient person does not try to hide the moments of sadness that they may go through, but rather integrates them and makes them part of the process. 
  • They ask for help when they need it.
  • They avoid complaining and spend that time looking for solutions and positive behaviors. 
  • They have their sights set on the future , as they are aware that the past cannot be changed. So they focus on setting goals for the future and working to achieve them. 

Resiliencia is a skill that all individuals possess, however, it deserves work and voluntary effort to develop it. Strengthening this virtue will help to get out of conflicts and appreciate the negative as positive.