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Rosa Melano

In countries like Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Colombia, Rosa Melano is more than just a name and surname, it is an albur whose real meaning is a phrase with a sexual meaning.

Rosa Melano acquires its sexual connotation when the correct rosamel-anus spaces are placed .

  1. Rózame (rosame) derives from the imperative of the verb rozar whose verb derives from the Latin vulgar ruptiare and this means to touch very lightly all or part of the surface of another being one or both parts in motion.
  2. The, singular determining article that is placed before a masculine noun and is used to indicate that whoever speaks is a referent known to the listener.
  3. Anus is the most distal part of the digestive tract and the most external. This is located in the midline of the body in the posterior region of the perineum, at the bottom of the longitudinal groove that separates the buttocks known in Latin America as rabandola .

In summary, the arbur Rosa Melano is an imperative where the receiver is asked to caress the sender’s anus.