Perhaps you have already heard the term “Rulay” said by someone, or perhaps on some popular musical theme; but if you don’t know what it means, in we will tell you what Rulay means and the origin of this funny word.

Rulay is a word used in the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic, which was born in the early 2000s in the streets of Santo Domingo as a synonym for feeling very relaxed.

Taking into account the aforementioned and summarizing its definition, Rulay means “to be very happy and stimulated.”

This expression has become very popular in the Dominican colloquial language, thus becoming one of the most typical phrases in Dominican urban culture.

Another meaning of Rulay could be “Being under the influence of alcohol or other recreational substances”, referring to the stimulating or relaxing effect that these substances produce.

Rulay Origin

Rulay comes from the English language, specifically the term “Ruling” which means “Reign, Command or control.” Therefore Rulay has a strong reference to being “In control of things.”

Ruling and Rulay are twin words, Rulay being a deformation of Ruling, which retains the same meaning.

In the world of Urban Music, this word has a strong presence, appearing in a large number of musical themes and in the title of several songs such as: “Andamos rulay” by Subject Gold 24k, or in “Rulay” theme of the urban exponent Secret the famous baby bottle.

In certain contexts Rulay could be treated as a synonym for being “Trick”, “high” or “Happy”.

Below we will show several examples of the use of the word Rulay in the Dominican dialect.

  • “Tonight Rulay andamo” – Tonight we are stimulated and relaxed.
  • “I had a drink that Rulay gave me” – I had a drink that made me relax and get happy.

Now you know what Rulay means in the Dominican Republic.