Los Sabineros are groups that pay tribute to Joaquín Sabina. This singer-songwriter was born with the gift of parody, expressing life in an elegant, fun and delicate way through his music, writing and painting. 

A little about this great artist

Joaquín Ramón Martínez Sabina , was born on February 12, 1949 in Úbeda, Spain. During his adolescence, he began to write poems and compose music with his friends, who formed a band called Merry Youngs. 

His first love

As every teenager had his first muse, his first inspiration to write love poems, from then on it was only a matter of time before he became a great and recognized artist.

He faced his discomforts

In 1975 he published “Memorias del exilio” and began to start concerts for Elisa Serna, Luís Llach and Paco Ibañez. As the years passed, after his first album, he eliminated the singer-songwriter stereotype, since it made him uncomfortable and he felt that the “poet” was too big for him. 

He suffered a stroke, and recovered

By the 2000s, he suffered a mild cerebral infarction to which he recovered without suffering consequences, however, he experienced stages of depression and reflected on his lifestyle and began to have a life without drugs and without cigarettes.

After his recovery, it is a life of tours, concerts, music and poetry, but in 2017 he was forced to cancel the concert on June 16 at the WiZink Center in Madrid after being completely speechless. 

On February 12, 2020, he suffered a fall on the same stage where he had been speechless years ago, after being blinded by a light bulb and suffering from an intracranial hematoma, to which he recovered again.

Los Sabineros Fan Club

Without a doubt Joaquín is and will be one of the best singer-songwriters in Spanish music, that is why there are groups that pay tribute to him, they are “Los Sabineros” .

These amazing groups merge joy, comedy, sadness and tragedy with the intention of entertaining and poetizing the environment, but not only that, there is also room to improvise songs by other artists.