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Sad Hunk

Definition of Sad Hunk

Sad Hunk is a phrase in English that translated into Spanish means “ great sadness ”. It is a word that is framed within a tragic and gloomy context.

Translation and meaning of the terms Sad and Hunk

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the word ” sad” is the same as saying ” sad or distressed “, it is a person affected by unhappiness.

For its part, the word ” hunk ” translates to a ” large piece or lump “. It is also used as an adjective for a strong and attractive man.

Other definitions point to the word ” sad” as ” repentant “; meanwhile, the word ” hunk ” could also be a big, fat person.

This leads us to have to consider different contexts for the expression sad hunk , however, the meaning related to sadness has greater preponderance.

What is SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) translated into Spanish as Seasonal Affective Disorder , is a state of depression that is directly related to the seasons of the year. This means that, for example, in all fall seasons a person with SAD can experience behavioral changes until winter.

It is a type of disorder that can be treated with medications or psychotherapies.

Sad Hunk from Bahamas

How ” Sad Hunk ” is titled the sixth musical album (2020) belonging to the Canadian band of mixed genres ” Bahamas “.

The leader of the band Afie Jurvanen , affirms that ” Sad Hunk” is a nickname created by his wife and is due to how the press has portrayed him during these years.

Even though the album title translates to sadness, it’s the opposite. The record material begins with the song ” Trick to Happy” which, similar to the rest, reflects joy and optimism.