Safaera is a widely used expression on the Island of Puerto Rico that has reached a high level of popularity, this after serving as the title of a musical track performed by the singer Bad Bunny. But beyond music, this word has a very characteristic connotation. We will show you what is the meaning of Safaera and everything about origin. Join us!

The word “safaera” commonly works as a synonym for promiscuity, debauchery, lack of control, among others. It is the action of acting without shame or complexes in situations considered unhealthy or harmful.

Meaning of safaera in Puerto Rico?

The term safaera is used in Puerto Rico to describe an attitude or intense situation of lack of control.

For example.

“Devil, what a safaera!”, Is the same as saying: Damn, how uncontrollable!

Whoever experiences safaera does not shy away and lets himself be carried away by pleasures, music and debauchery.

If we summarize in a sentence the definition of the urban term safaera, we find ourselves in the midst of a “crazy lack of control”.

Origin of Safaera

This word comes from the verb zafar, which means to release, release, unlock. It can also refer to saving yourself from a troublesome situation.

Someone is said to be “out of the loop” when he comes off his mind without thinking clearly about the actions.

From this connotation comes the famous expression “a screw was removed”, used to indicate when someone acts abnormally.

What does Safaera mean in English?

Bringing the translation of “safaera” into English, we come across the word “insane”, its meaning has no variation and continues to express the same “land without law” of the safaera.

It is when a person acts uncontrollably without having just a little bit of judgment. One can also consider acting in a risky way and without fear of “what they will say”.


  1. “Safaera” is titled one of the songs from the album “YHLQSMDLG” by rapper Boricua Bad Bunny in collaboration with veteran duo Jowel and Randy and rapper Ñengo Flow.
  2. In early March 2020, this song promoted the tags “SafaeraChallenge” and “AbuelaChallenge” on the TikTok app, where young people and grandparents could be seen dancing the catchy beat amid confinement with the coronavirus.
  3. Safaera is a genuine and attractive song that goes through eight different rhythms, even going back to ancestral rhythms. For this reason it was described as “a reggaeton symphony”.
  4. In this song Ñengo Flow makes mention of the code name of this album which is “I do what I want”.

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