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Definition of Salami

It is normal to relate the word Salami with some type of food, in the Dominican Republic this word means much more. Next we will show you what Salami means and what its origins are.

The origin of Salami comes from the Italian language, where this curious sausage was invented.

In this context, the meaning of Salami based on his literal translation of Italian would be “Sausage Sausage.”

For its part, Salami is a sausage made from a mixture of swine meat and usually spiced vaccine.

Meaning of Salami in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic the term Salami is usually used in the most traditional way as a reference to the sausage already mentioned.

Moreover, on this island, the word Salami works as a synonym for joy and good fortune in the face of misfortune.

In this way, the meaning of Salami in the Dominican Republic is “Very lucky person.”

It is said that a person is a Salami when in specific situations he runs with a fortune and luck of unusual character.

Another way to use this term is to refer to someone who apparently has been saved by very little from some kind of disaster.


  • “That salami was Pedro who won the lottery” – Pedro was very lucky that he won the lottery.
  • “ You were a salami that car didn’t kill you ” – You were lucky that car didn’t hit you.

Even with all this, it is not known for sure how the sausage known as salami was directly related to luck.

It is likely that the term has arisen thanks to the famous name of a Dominican salami which is “Super Special”.

Super special could be synonymous with someone unique and very lucky, but, this is finally just a theory.