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Definition of Saramambiche

I’m sure you’ve heard and hummed one theme song in which they mention the word “Saramambiche”. This expression is mostly used in the urban musical genre, but do you really know the meaning of what you’re singing? Here we tell you more about this term whose meaning is not very friendly. Get to know him.

Saramambiche is a form of insult, an adaptation and distortion to Spanish of the English words“son of bitch”, which in Spanish meanshijo de per#a” or “hijo de pu#a“.

Origin of Saramambiche

This term was first heard on the theme song of Puerto Rican singer Hector “El Father”, entitledNoche de travesuras“; which was released in 2005 and whose lyrics refer to having a“Night of mischief and encounters with a girl”. In addition, the performer takes advantage to“sell himself as the best and bravest”(something typical within the urban genre).

We leave you part of the lyrics to this song where they mention the word Saramambiche!

šŸŽ¶Oye, malandriche, tu esbocao y yo bien pitcher
Tu no metes cabras, saramambiche
Y si te me esbocas, nos vamos al switchešŸŽ¶

The word Saramambiche is native to Puerto Rico,used very often on this Caribbean island and in some regions of Colombia. It was popularized internationally by Puerto Ricans Hector the Father, Tego Calderon and even the trap singer Bad Bunny has become involved in his mention.

The distortion of “son of bitch” to“Saramambiche”, can be associated with factors such as the way Puerto Ricans speak English, the malicious, the groiring, etc.

Popular Phrases

You don’t get goat, saramambiche.” It is a very popular phrase commonly used in reggaeton songs.

“You don’t get a goat” means “you don’t get afraid“, and by joining this sentence with the word “Saramambiche,” he clearly means, “You don’t get afraid, “son of bit#h”


  • In 2017 the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny released the theme song entitled “You don’t put goat”, in which of course, he repeatedly mentions the word“Saramambiche”. The featuring of this song includes Daddy Yankee, Anuel Aa and Cosculluela.


Now you know the meaning of Saramambiche. We recommend that you continue with us so that you know more about these kind of somewhat bizarre words that usually emerge from urban music. See you next time!