If you also wonder what Serendipia means, we will tell you that this word was widely used years ago, but over time it fell into disuse. Thanks to the movie Serendipity , played by John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in 2001, it has been recovered in use. In this film the protagonists meet by chance in a New York shopping center and a love story begins between them.

Serendipia means chance, coincidence, the valuable discovery that occurs accidentally or accidentally, finding something different from what we are looking for, but this is not all that the word serendipity means.

Some known Serendipias.

  • Albert Einstein considers that some of his inventions are due to Serendipia. I research this, and discover something else.
  • The discovery of America, according to Uumberto Eco is an example of Serendipia. Columbus was not looking for a new continent, and yet he found it on one of his many trips.

You already know the meaning of Serendipia.