“Shalom” is taken from the root of the word shalam, which means “to be secure in the mind, body, or inheritance.” It speaks of wholeness or a type of integrity that encourages you to return or pay something in some way ( Be Grateful), but this is not the whole meaning of shalom.

The meanings of the Hebrew words go beyond their spoken pronunciation, each Hebrew word conveys feeling, intention and emotion. Shalom is more than just peace; it is complete peace, a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, integrity, well-being and harmony.

The true biblical shalom refers to an inner sense of wholeness or integrity. Although it can describe the absence of war, most of the Biblical references refer to inner integrity and tranquility.

In Israel today, when you say hello to someone or say goodbye, you say, Shalom. You are literally saying, “May you be full of well-being” or “May health and prosperity be upon you.”

You know what shalom means.