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Definition of Shalom

Our vocabulary has a lot of history and sometimes we deprive ourselves of using some term because we do not know its origin and meaning. On this occasion we refer specifically to“Shalom”, a word of Hebrew origin whose meaning may vary according to the context in which it is used. Come and learn more!

It is a word of Hebrew origin meaning “peace” and is used to manifest that “well-being or inner peace” possessed by every human being. Shalom is also used as a form of greeting or farewell, equivalent to “hello or goodbye”, speaks of fullness or a kind of integrity that encourages you to return or somehow pay for something (Be grateful).


It is taken from the root of the word shalam, which means “be sure in mind, body or inheritance.” In the Hebrew shalom alphabet it is written שָׁלוֹם and is often combined with other words to give it the meaning that you really want to convey.

When we greet with“Shalom” we are not only saying “hello” but we are also looking forward to the other person receiving “peace, well-being and emotional balance.” It is a term used to manifest good wishes and somehow bless others.

The meanings of Hebrew words go beyond their spoken pronunciation, each Hebrew word conveys feeling, intent and emotion. Shalom means more than just peace; it is categorized as a feeling that expresses satisfaction, fullness, well-being and harmony.

Shalom in the Bible

In the Genesis book of the Old Testament, this term is shown as Shalom lajem and means “peace be with you”.

The true biblical shalom refers to an inner sense of fullness or integrity. Although it may describe the absence of war, most biblical references refer to inner integrity and tranquility.

In Other Cultures

•In Israel today, when we greet or say goodbye to someone, we say, “Shalom.” Right now we’re literally saying, “that you are full of well-being” or “that health and prosperity be upon you” .   

•In Judaism, this word is used in prayer to start the “Shabbat”, which is the day of rest in this religion.

•Arabs use shalam as their version of shalom. Whose meaning is quite similar.

•Shalom is also often used in the West as a synonym for peace.

Just as this word has other terms with religious connotations that you should certainly know about. So we invite you to continue with us so that together we learn more andThanks for being here, Shalom!