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Definition of Shippear

Shippear is a Spanish version of the word that is written shipping in English, a derivative of the term “relationship“, all with the intention of shortening the word.

Shippear anglicism refers to the desire for the loving union of two people, whether real or fictitious due to subjective interests of the viewer, reader or follower. Employers of the term are called shippers.

Establishing when the word Shippear originated has not been possible. However, by the 70s we were already “shipping” and it was the millennials who popularized this new way of making matchmaking, both on social networks and young romance novels.

Ship on the Twitter network

The term shippear has gained greater popularity thanks to the social network Twitter where ingenious fans “in their eyes” create potential love partners within their favorite reality shows , series, novels and books.

As long as the entertainment market continues to produce material, fans will continue to ship, and even more so with the new shipping modality. 

It is about putting together the names of the “possible” couple until creating a nickname with which the romantic duo will be known accompanied by a hashtag to identify them more easily.

Even a new term “born of the Internet”, the Shippee has existed since long, long before you even have social networks and trends.