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Definition of Simp

The definition of Simp does not exist in the Spanish dictionary, but its origin comes from the English word “Simpleton” which means “Person who lacks common sense, is simple or a simple person”

The famous word Simp, so used today, refers to a man who is even capable of lowering himself and humiliating himself for attracting the attention of a woman .

Simp was commonly used as an offense in youth groups, until it became a meme.

This word became popular because many women are rejecting some collegiate customs when it comes to interacting with men, however, there are still many men who are excessively romantic.

The aforementioned causes attitudes such as being attentive, romantic, giving gifts and being aware of a woman all day; are frowned upon. “Nobody wants Pagafanta on duty”

The different definitions of Simp

The term Simp, being a word popularly used by many youth groups; it usually has different interpretations, all related to its meaning.

Some of them are:

  1. Simp is a male slave to a woman, who does whatever she wants regardless of her pride or social status.
  2. He is the one who places a woman on a pedestal and behaves like a fool to have her acceptance or even to have a sexual act.
  3. Simple, silly and unattractive person who seeks female affection.