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Sine From Above

If you’ve been wondering about the meaning of the phrase Sine from above and couldn’t find it, don’t keep looking! you arrived at the right place, in The Wan Shi Tong Library we have the answer.

Sine from above is an English phrase that translated into English means “sin from above”. In the musical field it refers to the name of the song number 14 from the most recent album by American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga. Similarly, Sine refers to a mathematical symbol that is usually used to represent a sound wave.

Origin of Sine From Above

Sine from above is the product of a rather ingenious pun on Lady Gaga’spart, she replaced the word sign with sine, a mathematical function that expresses sound.

In the song she talks about a sign from heaven that she heard on a sound wave, adding that the music saved her life and healed her heart.

What’s the message of the song?

The message that this theme of music promotes is to believe, to have faith in something that helps us find happiness and self-love. The music legend “Sir” Elton John is the one who accompanies Gaga in this song, being a surprise to themselves and strangers by the style and atmosphere of it. The rhythm of this track is based on electronic music.

Lady Gaga’s new album

After spending four years away from the stage, the singer returned all the way up. Last Friday, May 29, she released her sixth studio album titled “Chromatica”,which features 16 tracks.

In a short time according to the specialized website “Metacritic”, Chromatica scored 79 based on 100, making it the best rated record work of the artist.


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