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Definition of Sitofilia

  1. The sitofilia is a form of  fetishism  linked to the  food, in which the “sexual arousal” eating on the body of another person or using food as a sexual stimulus is reached.
  2. Practices of eating sweet foods such as chocolate or the body cream of the couple as erotic forms.
  3. Hobby or obsession with food in the erotic field or during sexual intercourse.

The word Sitofilia used in a sentence:

“They say I’m sitofilica, but sex and food are the two best pleasures in life.”

“I’m just a food lover, literally … that’s what sitofilia means in my life.”

Words related to Sitofilia:

  • Obsession
  • Fetish
  • Addiction

Is Sitofilia bad?

Everything in excess hurts, but even fetishes can add a special touch to life. Moderation is the solution.

You already know what Sitofilia means