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Soliá, a word that has become popular thanks to the release of the new Bad Bunny album YHLQMDLG . Perhaps you are here because it has caused you curiosity to know the meaning of this word, right? … in we will tell you everything you need to know.

Soliá can be interpreted as the diminutive of sunny. Its meaning is linked to the weather and wants to let someone receive or is receiving a sunny day.

This adjective derives from the verb solear. People can use this word to refer to beach days, when a person suns himself as Latin America says or rather they tan.

This can be used to describe, place, time or person.


  • Today there was a sunny morning.
  • A sunny meadow.
  • A sunny house

About the song …

This is song # 7 of 20 songs from the album released on February 29, 2020.

This follows the line of the album, highlighting women’s independence and freedom, stating that they don’t need anyone, since they can do whatever they want. This was written by Martinez, and sings it in collaboration with Demy & Clips, Mora and upload it Neo