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Definition of Sputnik

Sputnik is a term that was born in the former Soviet Union in the middle of the 20th century. Its original language is Russian, and in Spanish it means ” satellite .” It comes from the Russian “ Спутник” and its pronunciation is equal to “sputnʲɪk” (satellite).

The first satellite

As Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to successfully orbit planet earth was identified. This was launched from the former Soviet Union in 1957, specifically Kazakhstan.

Sputnik news agency

“Sputnik” is a news agency in charge of collecting and disseminating international information in political and economic spheres, among others.

It has offices in several countries around the world such as: Washington, India, London, Beijing, Berlin, Paris, Edinburgh, and Cairo. Its main operations office is located in Moscow.

The first coronavirus vaccine

Putnik V, the name of the first vaccine against the covid-19 virus, developed by the Gamaleya Center for Microbiology and Epidemiology of the Russian Ministry of Health .

Matches with the term

  • This name is also known to a renowned Spanish beer flavored with vodka.
  • Soy_sputnik, that’s how the popular Mexican YouTube artist Alejandra Arévalo defines herself , who uses her communication window to share literary opinions.
  • Sputnik Sportswear is a sports brand of Galician origin that sells sports apparel and accessories.
  • Under this name, an alternative rock band from Mexico City is represented.
  • Sputnik Bar is a popular bar located in Sao Paulo Brazil. It has a satellite-related environment and offers various types of vodka, honoring Russian preferences.

What is the function of a Sputnik (satellite)?

It is a body or object that orbits around a planet. They are known as natural satellites and artificial satellites.

Natural satellites

The moon or any celestial body that orbits a planet is a natural satellite. It is estimated that there are approximately 174 moons orbiting all the planets that make up the solar system.

Artificial satellites

They are objects intentionally sent to orbit a planet, artificial Sputnik are characterized by being human-made and their main intention is to monitor and transmit information about the planet it travels.