The word Sutro comes from a classical Indian language, “Sutra” which means rope or thread.

Sutro or Sutra, formerly were the Buddhist scriptures or teachings or the discourses given by the Buddha to his disciples, although culturally the word Sutra is attributed to Buddhism, it can also be used to refer to writings from other Eastern traditions, such as Hinduism.

So that the Buddha’s teachings were not lost, after his death, his discourses and teachings were transcribed in “Sutras”, among the most famous are:

  • Lotus Sutra
  • Garland Sutra
  • Diamond Sutra
  • Heart Sutra

Sutro in the Colloquial Language

Popularly and most used by young people; Sutro refers to doing something bad, something that can be defined as evil or malicious, so much so that in recent years the term “sutrear” has begun to be used to refer to acts of evil or perversion.

These are some examples of how this word can be used:

  • What sutra is your friend, I’m afraid of how she acts.
  • Dude, because you don’t stop doing sutrerias, I don’t want to get in trouble.

Sutro in the Sexual Context

The word Sutro or Sutra, is related to the sexual field due to the ancient Hindu text the kama-sutra , this relates the definition of sutro with this context.

The kama-sutra, an amatory manual that is part of Buddhist practices as well. It is made up of 36 chapters, and they deal with 7 different topics, contrary to the popular thought that everything is closely about sexual positions, it also deals with not so sexual topics, among these topics are:

  • On choosing a wife
  • About the wife of others
  • On attracting other people

You already know what sutro means.