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Definition of Tacuache

Tacuache, curious term that usually refers to a specific animal. Next we will show you all the meaning of Tacuache and what is its origin.

The origin of Tacuache comes from the name Tlacuache which is used in Mexico to name the possums.

Opossums are small mammals that belong to the infra Marsupial class and are scattered throughout the Americas.

However, in the United States, Tacuache is a derogatory insult used by Mexican immigrants.

This insult is often used as a comparison of someone with a possum or weasel depending on the context.

One of the actions related to the opossum is to be crushed by some vehicle, so tacuache could mean “crushed opossum”.

In other contexts this word has appeared as an envelope name in the art world, specifically cinema and music.

One case is that of the Mexican movie “El tacuache” starring Max Hernández Junior that tells the story of a man who gets rich.

As a curious fact, this movie has been included in the popular American Prime Amazon streaming video service .

Another case is that of the singer of corridos and band Ángel Romero also known as the “Tacuache”.