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If you wonder what tarapara means, surely you saw “Seventeen”, a film directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo; who is known for creating crutches for his characters. However, will illustrate you with the true meaning of tarapara.

Tarapara means “ Path ” in the Hindi language and it is also a locality in Megalaya, India . However, in the movie Seventeen , tarapara is a word used to say exactly what is meant . The idea was to show us how with the minimum number of words we can express exactly what we want to say.

Tarapara comes from the mind of Daniel Sánchez Arévalo , who when questioned about this word, tells us:

“It is true that I have my little winks, my phrases … They are like my crutches that I need to go placing in all my movies”,

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I really like what Tarapara means , Daniel tells us. Because even after the grandmother who suffered a stroke and with only the ability to articulate a word; He found a way to express everything he needs and what he feels, everything he wants or does not want. In a world in which even having more words than we need, we find it difficult to agree and have good communication

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