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Definition of Tarjeteo

You’ve probably heard the term “tarjeteo” in the catchy theme of Teteo Remix, but you don’t know what it means. Well, here at we will explain in detail the meaning of this term and some other uses that will surprise you. And let’s start!

Tarjeteo is a vulgarism used in Latin America, specifically in Central America. It is the verbalization of the noun “card”, which is a flat rectangular piece that contains certain information.

Knowing the origin of the term tarjeteo , we have several ways to interpret it. Being the first, the meaning used in the popular theme of El Fecho RD X You R Teteo Remix .

Tarjeteo on drugs

Carding means getting high on a parakeet, mostly known as cocaine . It is known that, many times, credit cards are used to make lines or “stripes” of cocaine ready to be snorted or smoked.

Tarjeteo can have many negative effects such as dependence and addiction, respiratory problems, cardiovascular and cerebral infarcts, hemorrhages in the brain, among other health problems.  

It should be noted that sometimes a line of cocaine from tarjeteo or other methods may have traces of chalk, rat killers, pesticides or detergents to reduce costs, which makes it much more harmful to the human body.

The appearance of tarjeteo in the Teteo Remix, probably refers to this meaning, because the theme of the song is intrinsically related to drugs.

Tarjeteo on benches

Tarjeteo can also refer to one of the most common frauds that can occur with credit cards: cloning. This is done through obtaining the PIN and card number thanks to a device called a skimmer, which reads the magnetic stripe, and a camera, which records the PIN when it is entered.

Tarjeteo in economics

The word tarjeteo is also used for a series of purchases in excess and very frequently. This is due to the fact that the purchase through credit cards is a payment method that does not allow to visibly visualize the amount that is invested.