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To understand the meaning of TBT , you first have to know that these are acronym in English that come from Throwback Thursday , although this does not tell us everything that is a tbt.

TBT means that on a Thursday you are going to post something from the past. It can be a funny image you have published years ago or any memorable memory you want to share. When you do, you put the hashtag (#TBT) on it.

This term was initially popularized on Twitter to publish how we dressed in past decades , and then it spread on other networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit and Facebook and even on Whatsapp. It doesn’t matter where you use it, but try to use the basic rules of #TBT.

The TBT rules :

  • Make it a memorable memory or something similar, but never a Selfie from last week.
  • That you have some relationship with the photo, otherwise it would not be a memorable memory that belongs to you.
  • The photo must have time, that is, “old”, you should not upload a photo of a week and put tbt on it.
  • Make it Thursday, otherwise you shouldn’t put tbt on it.

You know what Tbt means