The expression “Te tomo la palabra” is a typical phrase within the dialect of several Latin American countries including Spain. It is very common to hear this expression in certain conversations of soap opera movies and others as a synonym for trust, but this is not all that te tomo la palabra means.

The origin of Te tomo la palabra, comes from shortening the expression “Take the word as true” of the Spanish language.

In countries like Spain, Mexico and Chile, the expression Te tomo la palabra means “Accept the promises made by someone else as true.”

Against the background of the phrase There are certain doubts about when and how this expression of popular use is actually used.

How to use the expression Te tomo la palabra

The complexity of this phrase lies in the context of its use since sometimes, the simple meaning does not make clear everything that the phrase conveys.

When someone promises us something in particular or says they will do something in the future, “Te tomo la palabra” is answered as a synonym for expectation.

The expression Te tomo la palabra, expresses the feeling of confidence in the word of the one who promises and at the same time, serves as a warning indicating that whoever hears the promise will remain expectant that this happens or not.


This year I plan to invite all my friends to my birthday party.

– Well, te tomo la palabra.

In this example, the meaning of te tomo la palabra would be a synonym for the phrase “I hope so.”

We can also use Te tomo la palabra to answer that we simply have faith in what we are promised.


When I am president I will fight for the rights of the poor.

Le tomamos la palabra señor, sir.

In this case we could interpret te tomo la palabra as a synonym for “Having faith that way.”

Now you know what Te tomo la palabra means

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