Teteo is a vulgarism used in Latin America, especially Central America, which refers to a temporary disorder of physical and mental possibilities due to the excessive use of narcotics or alcohol.

To be “teteo” would be to be moderately drunk. From this perspective, the term is associated interchangeably with the use of narcotics, alcohol or other stimulants and implies a state of intoxication in which the person feels the effects, but is still moderately aware of their actions.

Origin of the word Teteo

This word is part of the street vocabulary of some areas of Central America and has been popularized by the song of the same name originally performed by the urban artist from the Dominican Republic “You R”.

In other places in Latin America, such as Colombia, this word has a totally different meaning, since “tetear” is taken as a synonym of being a joke, teasing, sucking a cock or not speaking seriously and truthfully.

In the agricultural environment, teearing is taken as a step in the milking work in which the calf is put to suck momentarily on its mother’s udder to make the latter allow the milk to be easily extracted.

Due to the recent popularity of the term, it has not yet been recognized by the authorities of the Spanish Language and, therefore, is susceptible to variations in its use and acceptance in the various Spanish-speaking places.

Other meanings that may be of interest: