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Definition of Tiguere

Tiguere, a popular term of the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic and works as a qualifying synonym for cunning and skillful person. Next, at we will discover the concept of tiguere and its origins.

The origins of Tiguere in the Dominican Republic is influenced by two cultures that have had direct contact with the Dominican population, the Haitian culture by the invasion of 1822-1844 and through Cuban music and baseball.

In the Haitian invasion in the Dominican Republic, Tiguere was used to describe children who roamed the streets and survived in a cunning way. 

In Cuba, the term used was “Tigre” and it became popular and spread to the Dominican Republic through music and baseball.  

This is synonymous with cunning and skillful person, depending on the context in which it is used, it can be a derogatory qualification, of rejection, warning. 

In countries like the Dominican Republic, Tiguere is often used to refer to criminals (people who do acts that go against social norms).


  • Julita’s son is a tiguere.

In Venezuela it is used to describe a person skilled in some activity and intelligent.


  • Manuel is a tiguere in cybernetics. 


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