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Toosie Slide

Definition of Toosie Slide

Toosie Slide is one of the many songs that have gone viral in the first months of 2020 thanks to the great creativity expressed by artists and followers on social networks as entertainment in the quarantine months.

Toosie Slide is the title of Canadian rapper Drake’s new song released on April 3, 2020. This compound word is of English origin, Toosie is the name of a dancer and influencer whose person created the dance for this song and slide in Spanish is to move.

Despite the fact that this song was released on April 3, at the end of March the dancer Toosie appeared on TikTok ( social network ) dancing to background music and this went viral as a dance challenge on that social network.

After this, Drake revealed on his social networks that the background song was his own. This song has been considered by other exponents of the urban genre as a modern cha-cha-cha.

Toosie Slide was released on YouTube with a video where the rapper shows his mansion, his prizes and above all the doing the dance steps.

Many have interpreted the song as a call to dance, and the same author mentions that this when he created the song was referring to Moonwalk ( Michael Jackson ).