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Definition of Trellas

Trellas is the apheresis of the word estrellas. An apheresis is the shortening that occurs in the initial phonemes of a word. Therefore, it refers to the luminous spherical bodies that manage to be with a certain shape thanks to gravity.

Many trellas, or estrellas, can be seen with the naked eye, including the sun. They can generally be seen in the night sky, although this depends, to a large extent, on light pollution and cloud cover. The places with the best trellas sightings are unpopulated areas, especially deserts.

The observation of trellas is contrarily proportional to the amount of light pollution on clear nights. In other words, the higher the light pollution, the lower the number of trellass can be observed, and the less light pollution the greater the number of estrellas can be observed.

Trellas, a word from Bad Bunny?

Of the word trellas there is no official record of use prior to the one made by the homonymous song by the Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny and which is included in his 2020 album “The last album in the world”. Even within the topic the word is not mentioned, it is only used in the title.

Instead of trellas, the term that appears in the first verse is estrella. For this reason, it follows that what the artist does is create an apheresis of the word estrellas, omitting the initial syllable, to give his work a name . In addition to this, the lyrics revolve around a spatial theme, which confirms the deduction.

The song trellas has been one of the artist’s most unusual songs. The content of it is almost completely away from the explicit lyrics that characterize Bad Bunny. Due to the above, the artist has come to be compared for the trellas theme with artists of other genres.

In the past, apheresis, like trellas, were poetic devices or licenses used to fulfill the metric requirements of the lyric. Nowadays, it is very rare to find an apheresis in poetry, but it can be a resource, perhaps unintentional, of urban genres and the colloquial language of different Spanish-speaking areas.

Therefore, it is possible that over time trellas could become a term in general use. If so, it would be designated to who used it in the first place, that is, it would be a word coined by Bad Bunny.