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The word Trucho can be found in countries like Spain, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, but in some of these countries, the  meaning of trucho  is completely unique. That said, we invite you to continue reading so you know what trucho means in each country. Shall we start?

Trucho meaning in Dominican Republic

The definition of trucho in the Dominican Republic is to be in a high state of relaxation, one that comes as a consequence of the side effects of certain substances.

Synonyms of Trucho in Dom. Rep : drugged, relaxed, elevated, intoxicated

These are some concepts that exemplify the use of the word trucho by a Dominican:

  • Esta trucho: – being at a high level of relaxation.
  • Me siento trucho:feel carefree.
  • Me voy a poner trucho: seek a high state of relaxation.
  • Tengo la pampara prendía de lo trucho que estoy: … (this we owe you).

Meaning of Trucho in Spain

In Spain, trucho is a term used to refer to both false things and demonstrations. For example, in the Spanish film industry , the meaning of trucho refers to films that are independently produced by the producers, with the intention that potential clients are interested and hire their services.

Synonym of trucho in Spain: false, demonstration, sample

Meaning of Trucho in Colombia

In Colombia, the word trucho is synonymous with attentive, lively, fresh, outstanding … In this country, the definition of trucho refers to a person who is always on notice, cautious of any possible event.

This is how the word trucho would be used in Colombia:

  • That panita is always trucho, that’s why the woman never finds it with the neighbor.
  • Go trucho parse, that there is a lot of crime on the street and we want you to get home safely.

Meaning of Trucho in Argentina

In Argentina, as in most of the countries not mentioned, the word trucho means false or falsified. For an Argentine, trout things are manipulated, with the purpose of looking like the originals and deceiving the buyer.

  • “My aunt brought me an trucho necklace, but I like it.”
  • “Love, check that bag well … because here Juan bought an trucho watch.”

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