Tusa, four letter word, two saliva and Accentuation Grave (flat). This term is widely used in Latin American countries and in many of them it has a unique meaning. For that reason, Que-quiere-decir.com will tell you what tusa means in each Latin American country.

What does Tusa mean in Colombia

The Colombian Karol G, on the YouTube Billboard channel , explains that the meaning of tusa in Colombia is synonymous with spite.

For us, when it is tusa, you definitely can’t beat a person … I mean, “this entusado” …

Carolina Giraldo Navarro – Karol G

Meaning of Tusa in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the corn cob is composed of the husk, the grains and the tusa; The latter is the one that can be seen in the following image.

Tusa de Maiz - Dominican Republic

It should be noted that in the Dominican Republic, you can hear things like “Ya encontró la tusa de su … (agujero)”, such as when someone who bothers a lot finds someone who bothers you in the same way.

Fun Fact: In countries like Costa Rica and El Salvador, tusa is the shell that wraps the cob.

Meaning of Tusa in Mexico

In Mexico, a tusa is an animal of the family of ruederos, also known as taltuzas  or  rats of abazones . These animals are characteristic for having brown hair and weighing less than 1kg.

Meaning of Tusa in Chile

In Chile, tusa is that tail that some girls leave in their hair. It can also be called chocolo or freight.

  • “Look how beautiful Maria’s tusa is left”
  • “I am thinking of leaving myself a tusa when I go to the classroom”

You already know what is the meaning of tusa in Spanish .

Other meanings that may be of interest: