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Definition of Unlapsed

There are innumerable terms and words of the English language that arouse our curiosity, one of them is undoubtedly the meaning of Unlapsed . But you are calm, because in we will tell you what Unlapsed means.

Unlapsed is a word from the English language, born from the direct negation of the word “Lapsed”, whose meaning is expired , Worn or expired . Also this word is used to name an old member of some religion.

The word Unlapsed is rarely used in its source language, with Unexpired being the most common way that English speakers refer to the terms “Not expired” or “Valid”

The meaning of Unlapsed can go beyond what we think, not only referring to something that has not expired, but also to something that prevails in a mystical way. A notable example is the prevalence of the immortal soul, “Unlapsed Soul” in English.

Due to its nature we can use this word in various ways, therefore we will quote some examples of the word Unlapsed.

  • Well, my driver license is unlapsed, sir – Well, my driver’s license  has not expired, sir.
  • My baby has still an unlapsed live  – My baby still has a life without passing.
  • my feelings for you are unlapsed –  my feelings for you are still intact.