The word “uwu” is nothing more than an emoticon or Emoji created from letters , similar to those used at the beginning of text messaging.

The same is frequently used in countries like Japan and Korea . Especially in anime and manga fans , also known as Otakus.

The meaning of this word varies a little according to the source that is consulted. On the one hand, Internet Slang conceptualizes it simply as a happy or excited face.

On the other hand, Urban Dictionary states that this word is used to express that some person or situation seems cute, pleasant or tender.

According to users, they use “uwu” in their daily chats. Using it as an innovative way to show how you feel in a situation, without the need to use complex sentences.

Similarly, there is a large group of expressions that are related to this word. Which are known as “kamaojis” within Japanese anime-loving communities. Among them, expressions such as O_O and T_T, which are used by users when a situation seems surprising or very sad.

Other uses of uwu

Nowadays, some communities have decided to give new connotations to uwu. Among them, the Furry fandom, a group of people fond of the personification of animals, who decided to adopt this emoticon.

Which, use it to represent an animal in their conversations, this because of the similarity of the “w” to their snout or nose.

On the other hand, within the environment of social networks, this word is also used to flirt and indicate that someone you like or seem attractive to you. This, if it is placed as a comment on a post or photo. In fact, variants such as “7w7” have been created that seek to represent a provocative face, to confirm that you are really interested.