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Definition of Vacano

Vacano is a term widely used in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Venezuela. If you want to know what vacano means, read on, as will soon tell you what vacano means in Spanish.

First of all we can tell you that “Vacano” is another of the large amount of popular expression used by Latinos. Fortunately, this word is easy to understand due to its meaning and use.

Vacano, is an adjective used to rate people, objects and even situations. It can be synonymous with cool, fun, beautiful, amazing and many others with similar concepts.

Here are some sentences with the word vacano:

  • My aunt is vacana, because she always gives me money when she comes.
  • My graduation was super vacana; surely a lot of money was invested.
  • Look what vacano I keep this drawing of a hundred feet.