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Definition of Vaina

We know that in countless places you heard and / or read the word vaina, but … What does vaina mean ? An expression widely used in countries such as Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. It has also gone global thanks to social networks. For this and many other reasons, at we will tell you everything you need to know about the meaning of Vaina. Shall we start?

First of all, we clarify that the word vaina has several concepts, so for a better understanding, we are going to divide the meanings by country.

Vaina meaning in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the word pod is synonymous with “thing”, due to this, it is common that in the Dominican vocabulary this word is used too often. Furthermore, it is very likely that they use this word several times in the same sentence and each time with different meanings.

In order for you to better understand the meaning of vaina in the Dominican Republic , we will give you several examples of how it would be used.

If a Dominican wants to borrow something to use in preparing a party, he would say:

  • Lend me that vaina, I want to make a vaina for tomorrow’s vaina.

If a friend had an accident, he would say:

  • Papotico hit him a vaina and now her mother has to do to help vaina stack.

Meaning of vaina in Spain

In Spain, vaina is the wrapper for peas and some other legumes, although this is not all that vaina means in Spain .

Vaina may also be the sheath used by some farmers to store the knife.

The expression ” Shelling the vaina ” means opening the wrapper of this herbaceous plant and then proceeding to remove the grains it contains.

Meaning of vaina in Colombia

Colombians have an infinite number of meanings for the word vaina, but this is more used to express annoyances and disagreements. Here we will show you some examples of how this word is used in Colombia.

  • ” For vainas like this I never go out with you “
  • “What a vaina just happened to me today”

Meaning of vaina in Venezuela

In Venezuela, the meaning of vaina is so extensive that if we try to find a synonym, we will conclude by saying that everything is synonymous with vaina.

Normal conversation between two Venezuelans:

Hi Manuel, how is the vaina?

All good, and you, did you find out about the vaina that is in the night?

Yes, I was told that vaina will have a party at her house tonight. You’re going?

Clear. I have to solve some Vaina, but since I’m done I pass there.

It’s okay. Any vaina you tell me and we get together to go together.