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Wachito Rico

Definition of Wachito Rico

Wachito rico or guachito rico , also used in feminine, is an expression widely used in Chile as a qualifier towards a physically and sexually attractive person .

It is said that it is not an offensive or vulgar word and is taken as an affectionate compliment. It is located within the phrases implemented in the South American country to make compliments and flattery in love.

What is Guacho?

Despite the fact that wachito rico seems to come off the word “guacho”, it does not make any sense with its origin. The word guacho is an indigenous term that comes from the Cuzco Quechua ” wakcha ” which means ” poor ” or ” orphan “.

It is even also a word that is applied to those animals that have lost both parents.

In some South American countries, including Chile, the words wachito, wahsito or guachito are used to refer to children or babies in a loving way , without really knowing the etymology of the word.

Chilean Phrases or Compliments with the Expression Wachito Rico

  1. “Rich Wachita, heart of gold, I would give you a lot of kisses to break your choro”
  2. “Wachito rico, heart of olives, I will be the mine that will suck your tula”
  3. “Wachito, rich melon heart, put your pick in me and don’t be weon”
  4. “Wachita, rich seal heart, if I put the beak on you I’ll drive you crazy”

Wachito Rico from “Boy Pablo”

As ” Wachito rico” it is also titled the new musical album of the Norwegian singer-songwriter Pablo Boy and that will be published on October 23, 2020. This album contains the songs ” Hey Girl ” and ” I Wanna Go Go Home ” which talk about being in love and how fleeting it is to reach adulthood respectively.

Other Connotations of the Word “Guacho”

  • Citizen who is part of the Mexican army.
  • Used disparagingly in Cuba to refer to a person residing in the countryside.
  • Uneven or disproportionate object, used in some South American regions.
  • Name of a plant.
  • Typical Panamanian dish based on meat and rice.