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WAWAWA, is a word has become popular because it was adopted by Rochy RD, a Dominican singer of urban music. Here at Wan Shi Tong Library, we will tell you what wawawa means in Spanish and everything related to this word.

In the Dominican Republic, WAWAWA means fellatio, this is because the meaning of wawawa comes from the sound that the mouth produces when this takes place. A Dominican synonym for this term would be “MMG“.

However, in the Dominican Republic, wawawa does not have a derogatory or aggressive character; rather, it is usually used to greet very confident friends in a fun and fun way.

The word WAWAWA is associated with tigueraje, malianteo, etc …, the popi are the other side of the coin.

⊗ That is a Wawawa group, and we just got together with popi.
⊗ Team Wawawa pal whole world.

You know what Wawawa meaning in spanish