Probably after seeing the name of the popular song by Billie Eilish, you’re wondering what Xanny means, right? … In we will tell you what Xanny means in Spanish, in addition to what are its curious and dark origins.

The meaning of the word Xanny comes from the colloquial language of the English language, and is used as a diminutive to the name of the famous prescribed drug Xanax.

Xanax or Alprazolam in Spanish, is a type of drug that is used to treat people with anxiety disorder, panic attacks and nervous breakdowns.

This drug is distributed with a variety of trade names such as Tranquinal, Trankimazin or Xanax, where the meaning of the word Xanny comes from.


The “Xanny” as it is popularly known, acts directly on the human brain, it causes a sensation of sleep and decreases brain activity to induce the consumer to a hypnotic state.

Something to keep in mind about this drug or drug is that it can become highly addictive so it can only be obtained under a prescription (legally).

In the United States and England, the illegal consumption of Xanax, given its sedative and hypnotic properties, has become very popular, transforming its consumption into a fad among young people. This popularity meant that the term “Xanny” was born in the streets to refer to this drug.

Thanks to the popularity gained among young people, the word “Xanny” has reached the world of music.

Artists such as the controversial singer Billie Eilish have used this name as the title of one of the songs on their album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO”.

Another fact that links the world of music with Xanax or Xanny, is the death in November 2017 of Trap singer Lil Peep, found dead after suffering an overdose of Xanax and other drugs.

This drug has undoubtedly become a health problem for the US authorities, leading more and more young people to addiction.

Now you know what Xanny meaning

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