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Definition of XD

Surely you have read the XD symbol repeatedly, this representation has become very recurrent especially in the conversations of the different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or in text messages. Next, we’ll make clear to you the full extent of this highly popular symbol in the digital age .

The meaning of XD is very simple, it represents a face that laughs with laughter. The “X” symbolizes closed eyes while the “D” an open mouth. To appreciate it in detail, 90 degrees must be rotated clockwise, with a face that laughs a lot, with laughter.

Where and When Can You Use It?

Nowadays, with the development and widespread use of emojis, people tend to use them even if they have to create them with texts.

The use of this symbol is certainly very striking, this is because it is associated with different contexts. Its most common use is within the conversations of the youngest especially in social media chats and even in internet forums. We should also mention that in adolescents’ personal conversations it is often used daily.

Many people who use the emoji do it ironically (as in “Donald Trump is my hero xD”) to mock something being talked about. In this sense, we suggest you never use it in the professional realm .         

Interestingly, in many cases try to make the shape of the emoji with the face, this is interesting if we consider that the emojis were created to be used when expressing emotions.

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Difference Between XD and xd

It should be noted that it does not make the same sense to use it in lowercase or variations such as “Xd” with the “X” in uppercase, nor “xD” with the “D” in uppercase. This means that the right thing is always when it comes to writing it, doing it with both uppercase letters “XD”

It is also Associated with:

  • Graphical Editing Program (Adobe XD)
  • Video games (Pok-mon XD: Gale of drakness)
  • Television (Disney XD)
  • Digital Cameras (XD-Picture Card)

Don’t confuse

There are people who associate “XD” with“By God”, this happens because they replace the “X” with “by” taking advantage of the mathematical, as it is very common in informal messages of the digital realm. However, this connotation is not known as valid for XD.


It was a pleasure to have explained the meaning, the difference, where and when to use XD. You know, The Wan Shi Tong Library will remain your ally in this constant challenge of each meaning. We’re seeing each other!