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Definition of Yacen

Yacen, is a word of little use due mostly to ignorance of its meaning and the correct application in our oral or written language. Here’s what this word and its connotations mean. That’s how you leverage and Yaces expanding your knowledge. Do you think so? Let’s get started!


This word comes from the regular verb Yace which means “to be lying down or cast” from Latin iacens(lying down), so Yacen is a third-person verbal form of the plural (she, them, you) that denotes as meaning “to be in a place” of the present indicative Yacer.

Differences Between Yace, Yacen and Yacer

For your full understanding, we explain these three terms with easy examples.


From Latin iacens (lying down).

A curious fact is that Yace (Yache)is also known as an Idomoid language native to southeastern central Nigeria exactly from the state of Cross River. The idomoid language is spoken by approximately one million people.


  • The danger Yace in that place.
  • The patient’s still Yace in the O.R.
  • The solution to the problems Yace in reason.


It comes from the Latin iacére. It’s a Yacer flex.


  • Here Yacen the mortal remains of the victims of the accident.
  • Inside Yacen the best feelings.
  • Two male bodies Yacen in the morgue since yesterday.


It comes from the Latin iacére. The etymological concept of this word is to remain. Being an intransitive verb does not ask for an addition so that the sentence makes full sense.

Synonyms of Yacer: rest, lie down, lie, cohabit, fornicate, sleep.


  • You can Yacer in peace with the others.
  • Yacer inside you is necessary for me.


In the dialect there will always be words that relate to each other, causing many times to hinder their understanding, that is why we recommend practicing them until we know how to differentiate them. We’re here to help!