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Yamete Kudasai

Yamete Kudasai is a Japanese expression that comes from the hentai anime, and its meaning is translated as “ please stop ” or “ please stop “.

This type of expression is very common in perverted Japanese anime or with pornographic characteristics, also known as ” anime of the manga genre” .

Japanese words from Hentai anime

Animated series are not only popular in Japan, but also in different parts of the world, which has made many types of languages ​​feel familiar with some Japanese expressions such as Yamete Kudasai .

  • Aishiteru: I love you.
  • Baka da: You are stupid.
  • Baka: Silly.
  • Ikimasu: I’m coming!
  • Kawaii: Cute or cute.
  • Kuma: Bear.
  • Kirai: Hate.
  • Kimochi: How delicious.
  • Matta ne: See you.
  • Moe: Something extremely cute.
  • Motto: More.
  • Ningen: Human.
  • Sugoi: Incredible.
  • Sora: Honey.
  • Utau – sound.
  • Urusai – you are loud.

Curiosities of Hentai anime

Hentai is born through Japanese culture that seeks to highlight and mix aesthetics and sexuality . The word ” hentai” is also used (especially in Japan itself) as ” Juhachi-kin”, which means forbidden until the age of 18 .

The animes hentai generally occur with a graphic quality inferior to conventional animated for children. And obviously, they are not broadcast on TV.

Some hentai anime considered among the best of 2020 are: Chii-chan kaihatsu nikki, overflow, lovely heart, Youma Shoukan e Youkoso and Enjo kouhai the animation.