Surely you are wondering why Bad Bunny used all these lyrics as the title of one of his musical albums, right? … well keep reading, because here in we will tell you exactly what YHLQMDLG means . Do we start

As we know, Bad Bunny is a Latin trap singer and reggaeton , they are characterized by giving a touch of heartbreak and “I care” for their songs. In this case it is no different, because you will not be surprised to know that YHLQMDLG comes from the phrase in Spanish “YHago LQue MDLa Gana”.

The Puerto Rican singer has already mentioned these acronyms repeatedly, for example at the end of the music video ( VETE – Bad Bunny ) uploaded on the YouTube platform on Nov 21. 2019.

He has also posted it on his twitter account and has repeatedly tried to subliminally introduce these letters that look like a code.


  1. The second video clip with more reproductions on YouTube of Bad Bunny, is Amorfoda , a term that was created by him, running Spanish and Portuguese.
  2. Bad Bunny has already used the acronym to create the titles of his videos, such as RLNDT , referring to Rolandito , a missing child.

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