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Definition of Zaza

Zaza is a word of little common use because it does not have an exact meaning. Its use has been focused more as an onomatopoeia or as a proper name in various countries and cultures. In we will detail its different meanings.

Zaza (song)

“ZAZA” is the new song by the American artist 6ix9ine , better known as Tekashi.

In the ZAZA video we find him with a group of friends dancing with semi-naked women. This was released after his second studio album Tattle Tales .

In his lyrics, Zaza would be an onomatopoeia, that is, the imitation of a sound. In the analysis of the lyrics, the latter would be linked to a sexual encounter.

Zaza (ethnicity)

The Zaza in Turkey are an ethnic Iranian minority from the east. They live in the eastern provinces of Anatolia.

The zaza are also known as dimilis. They differ with the citizens of Iran, as they are not confined within the limits of the current state of this country. They are currently scattered.

Simone Zaza (footballer)

Zaza is also an Italian footballer who plays as a forward for Torino in Serie A in Italy.

It has been international with the selection of Italy 18 times. He debuted in September 2014 and has scored 2 goals.

Zaza (name)

The name Zaza is of Hebrew origin and means “golden or golden.” It has variants such as: Saza, Zazah, Zehavi, Zehavit and Zazu. It can be associated with wealth, abundance, or projection.

It appears in the bible as naming Zaza, a man from the family of Jerameel, from the tribe of Judah (1 Chron. 2:33).